Flesh and Blood - Heavy Hitters Pre-Release Jan 27th, 2023

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    January 27th, 2024 12:00 AM - Let's Go For Broke!

    Come on out to Jack's On Queen's very first FAB PRE-RELEASE 

    Take this opportunity to get your exclusive Flesh and Blood Pre-Release Kit and play 1V1 with your FAB Friends!


    • Sealed Deck
    • Swiss Rounds based on attendance
    • 30 minute rounds + 5 minutes for start of game procedure

    Jack's On Queen has been granted Prize Support for up to 16 Players!

    Each player receives a Heavy Hitters 9-card pre-release pack which includes:

    1 Extended Art Cold Foil Promo Card (Card to be revealed soon)

    2 Rainbow Foil Double Faced Token Promo Cards (Cards to be revealed soon)

    6 Hero/Weapon Tokens

    2 Booster Packs for Every Player! (Remember Jack's? Home of the Participacks!)


    • Each player opens 6 boosters (~90 cards, depending on the set)
    • 1 young hero card from the set
    • Start with a minimum of 30 cards in the deck
    • Any amount of each unique card
    • 30 minutes per round, first to 1

    Card-Pool Construction Rules

    In Sealed Deck, each player opens 6 booster packs of a core set, removes the last 1 or 2 cards from the pack (the token-slot cards), and registers any young hero card from the set and the cards that they open from their packs. A player’s card-pool includes every card that they’ve opened from their packs and any number of token-rarity cards from the set. Any non-token card removed from the token-slot of a booster is not legal to include in a player's card-pool, including expansion-slot, cold-foil, extended-art, legendary, fabled, and non-young-hero cards (depending on the set being used for sealed).

    Token-rarity cards include weapons for each hero, and Cracked Baubles, but may also include equipment (e.g. Proto Base set) and/or other deck-cards (e.g. Phoenix Flame). If a player cannot construct a 30-card minimum deck from the cards they have opened, they add Cracked Baubles to their deck until the number of cards in their deck is at least 30. Token-rarity cards are typically pooled together after opening packs so players can use the cards they need for their card-pools.

    A player can only start the game with a card from their card-pool if the card’s class/talents are a subset of the hero’s class/talents (e.g. a Light talent card can only be included if the hero has a Light talent). Generic cards can be used with any hero.

    A card-pool can contain any amount of each unique card (e.g. If you open 6 red Sink Below from your boosters, you can play with all 6 in your deck).

    These rules are subject to the effects of the hero or cards in the card-pool, which may allow or limit what cards can be included. (e.g. Heroes with “Essence” allow certain talented cards to be included, even if the hero doesn’t have the same talent. Cards with “Legendary” limit themselves to only 1 in the deck.)

    For tournaments that do not require card-pool registration, players may change their hero between rounds. If the tournament requires card-pool registration, you can find the official forms in Tournament Forms.

    Tournament Structure

    • Matches: First to 1 win
    • Deck Construction: 30 minutes
    • Round Time: 30 minutes

    Start-of-Game Procedure

    Each game of a match follows the same procedure:

    1. Each player reveals their hero card.
    2. Choose a player at random, and then that player decides who will go first.
    3. Each player chooses the equipment, weapons, and 30-card minimum deck they will use for this game (chosen from their card-pool).
    4. Each player shuffles and presents their deck to the opponent, who may shuffle and/or cut.
    5. Each player reveals the weapon(s) and equipment they have chosen for this game, draws cards up to their hero's intellect, and the first player begins the first turn of the game.

    End-of-Match Procedure

    The match ends when one player has won the required 1 game win.

    If the round time expires, and a winner of the current game is yet to be determined, the turn player completes their turn and then 1 additional turn is played. At the conclusion of the additional turn, if a winner of the game has not been determined, the current game is a draw.

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